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「Cat people」 NFT collection

Slack and kinda bizarre cat people are waiting for you!

Welcome to my NFT collection "Cat People".
You are here as a Cat People research team. Good luck!

Please read this report first.


There have been a lot of Cat people sightings. They are just a small part of it and generally slack and kinda bizarre characteristics.


One of the members sent a secret photo to our team, It is their moment of trade. But my photo got wet. So you should also open "Unlockable content" and check it.


If you find the cat people, keep you research going. It is a good idea to carry their pictures with you at all times. For example, for your cell phone wallpaper. 


They are friendly, so we can live together. But much of their ecology is still unknown. So we need to continue to research them.

You'll find lots of Cat people here. →Cat people collection.

Cat People Research Team member No.001 Zacchino

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